What Will Master Your Voice Do For You?

Extend Your Vocal Range & Build Confidence

Using simple exercises and vocal strengthening techniques, we will extend the range of your voice so you can hit more notes than ever before and help you to build confidence and be able to sing in front of others with confidence, it can be so much fun to sing with others, but can be intimidating at first. You will learn the confidence to show off your amazing voice..

What You Will Learn

  • Extend Your Vocal Range

    Hitting those higher notes can make or break a performance, but the most important thing is not to injure yourself in the process.

  • Develop Vocal Strength

    Developing vocal strength will help you along in your singing journey as it is one of the key things you must learn and develop to sing like a professional.

  • Sing Your Favourite Songs

    Learn to sing all your favourite with this program that will help fully unlock your voice and teach you have to sing what you want with confidence.

What's In This Course?

Everything You Need To Become The Singer You Want To Be.

  • 1


    • Welcome To Master Your Voice

    • Join Our Community

    • My Story & History With Singing (Part 1)

    • My Story & History With Singing (Part 2)

  • 2

    Breathing, Support & Posture

    • Introduction

    • Lesson #1: Why it helps you sing better

    • Lesson #2: How to Support Your Breathing

    • Lesson #3 Breathing Exercises

    • Lesson #4 Picking New Songs

    • Lesson #5 Fast Track Key

    • Breathing, Support & Posture Resources

  • 3

    How To Warm Up Your Voice

    • Introduction

    • Lesson #1: Why Warm Ups Help Your Voice

    • Lesson #2: The 3 Key Warm Up Sounds

    • Lesson #3 How to Sing Your Warm Up Exercises with a Piano

    • Lesson #4 Warm-up Exercises

    • Lesson #5 Unlocking Your Songs

    • Lesson #6 Fast Track Key

    • Lesson #7 Warm-Up Resources

  • 4

    Developing Strength & Flexibility In Your Voice

    • Introduction

    • Lesson #1 Creating Strength & Flexibility

    • Lesson #2 Creating More Flexibility

    • Lesson #3 A Sing-Through of Exercises

    • Lesson #4 Using Wiis, Goos and NGs in Songs

    • Lesson #5 Fast Track Key

    • Lesson #6 Strength & Flexibility Resources

  • 5

    Expanding Your Range

    • Introduction

    • Lesson #1 Elements of Vocal Anatomy

    • Lesson #2 Expanding Your Range

    • Lesson #3 Strengthening Your Range

    • Lesson #4 Using Your Slides to Help Learn Songs

    • Lesson #5 Fast Track Key

    • Lesson #6 Expanding Your Range Resources

  • 6

    Vocal Health

    • Introduction

    • Lesson #1 Factors of Vocal Health

    • Lesson #2 Maintaining Good Vocal Health

    • Lesson #3 Vocal Health and Songs

    • Lesson #4 Fast Track Key

    • Lesson #5 Vocal Health Resources

  • 7

    Navigating Your Voice

    • Introduction

    • Lesson #1 Navigating Your Voice

    • Lesson #2 Create Power & Improve control

    • Lesson #3 5 Steps, Arpeggio Types & 3 Steps

    • Lesson #4 Using Your New Scales & Shapes

    • Lesson #5 Using Shapes in a Song

    • Lesson #6 Fast Track Key

    • Lesson #7 Vocal Health Resources

  • 8

    How To Breakdown & Learn A Song

    • Introduction

    • Lesson #1 Breaking Down a Song

    • Lesson #2 Elements of a Song

    • Lesson #3 How to Open Up Your Song - Example

    • Lesson #4 Fast Track Key

    • Lesson #5 Song Breakdown Resources

  • 9

    Bonus Lessons

    • Beginner Warm Up

    • Intermediate Warm Up

    • Advanced Warm Up

    • Increasing Flexibility

    • Developing Your Chest Voice

    • Expanding Your Range

  • 10

    Resource ToolBox

    • Anatomy Videos

    • Week Fast-Track Program - Exercise Journal

    • List of Suggested Songs

    • Musical Glossary

    • How to Know if it is Alright to Sing if Your Voice is Feeling Tired

    • How to Use the Cup/Straw Method

    • Tips for Ugly Sounds

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Angie Caldwell

I have over 25 years experience in singing, performance, teaching, studio recording technique and has managed bands and album recordings from development, writing to release. Artist development and styling vocally as well as audition preparation and choreography. I specialises in extending range and quality and consistency on tone, pitch, harmonies and vocal ensemble, AMEB voice, aural and musicianship levels, diction & phrasing, improvisation song interpretation and emotion-centered singing and styling. Vocal, physical and emotional health is important for a well-balanced performer.

Our Students Results

Laszlo L.

Good curriculum, professional follow-through and good spirits. It is worth to do a bootcamp for those who want to understand the potential of their voice. Like everything, the more you know the more you will realize the gap you have to bridge for your own development, but with great support. The journey lies ahead of you. What you make of it is your decision but if you take this seriously you must practice regularly.

Ani N.

So happy with my progress in just two months my voice is unlocking opening up and sounding the right pitch and sounding really pretty. I highly recommend Ken at Unlock Your Voice, Angie has done a really good job at designing an educational and professional training environment. Thank you for helping me reach my goals.

Gary G.

Had a great time with them. Teaching staff super friendly and encouraging with some good, methodical approach customised to your needs

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  • Will your singing lessons work for beginners?

    Yes of course! The training inside Singing Made Easy Membership is designed for singers with no experience and want to start their journey or for singers of all levels wanting additional training to refresh or enhance their vocal development.

  • What if I can't Practice Every Day?

    We've designed the Singing Made Easy Online Membership with you in mind. You can go at your own pace. You get 12 months access to all our training, which is available 24/7. Log in every day or once a week, the choice is yours.

  • Can Singing Really Be Learned?

    Whether you are a beginner or have been singing all your life, you can learn techniques to improve all areas of your voice and performance. Our voice coaches can teach you how to increase your range by up to an octave and have more power, confidence, control and improved tone. The Singing Made Easy Membership provides the keys to unlock your natural voice talent, no matter where you are vocally. You may be a beginner wanting to sing in tune or an advanced singer wanting to add additional types of learning for vocal development.

  • How Much Time Do I Need to Committ To The Program?

    How Much Time Do I Need to Committ To The Program? The beauty about the Master Your Voice Online Membership is you can start your journey and learn to sing in as little as 5 minutes per day. of course the more time you put into anything, the better you will become and the faster you will progress.